These tapers are solid-built and bend most in the butt and mid-tip of the rod allowing you to feel the kinetic energy in your cast from grip to tip.  It's a different ball game casting a parabolic.  Slow down, breathe it all in, and soon your cast will be as effortless as instinct.

Deep Flex

These bend slow and deep.  They cut through the air like butter, delivering a quiet loop and a delicate fly.

7'3" - 3wt

7'6" - 4wt

7'7" - 5wt

Shallow Flex

A great intro to parabolics and bamboo.  An action that bends down into the grip like a typical parabolic but recovers quickly, resulting in a crisp and accurate cast.  These rods are much more forgiving than deep parabolic tapers but still maintain their buttery, characteristic feel.

6'9" - 3wt

7' - 4wt

7'1" - 5wt