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Integrated bamboo ferrules

I build the ferrules right into the taper which allows for a light, strong, unified, and classy transition between sections.  Typical nickel silver ferrules are installed by cutting away the strongest, outermost power fibers and weakening the rod at that point.  Integrating the ferrules into the taper allows me to preserve those fibers. 

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Flame treated, baked and impregnated

Moisture is bamboo's worst enemy.  It can cause a rod to set and hinder it's recovery time on a cast.  I flame, bake and soak my rods in a sealer to remove moisture and keep it out.  Rods can be fully flamed or striped, leaving a pretty aesthetic on the finished rod.  "Caramel" rods have no flame treatment and are therefore baked longer, resulting in a color slightly darker than bamboo-blonde.


Solid and hollowed

Strategically shaping the inside of a bamboo rod effects the action and weight.  Hollowing lightens the rod and allows it to recover quicker by giving it less mass to bring back to zero.  Keeping a rod solid slows it down, giving it a classic, buttery action.  I utilize both methods to enhance the anglers experience.